The phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) signalling network has come to the forefront as one of the most druggable targets in ILC.  Recent research from leading researchers in the Netherlands indicates that response to PI3K inhibitors is mediated by the adaptive immune response. Read more at

A study conducted by the RCSI research group led by Dr Tríona Ní Chonghaile identified potential new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of ILC. The researchers combined JQ1 a drug targeting the BET proteins, with an FGFR1 inhibitor to inhibit growth in 2D and 3D models of ILC

Alterations in regulators of fatty acid and cholesterol metabolism are involved in the estrogen-independent growth of ILC cell models. Read here to find out how this may offer new insights and treatment strategies for endocrine resistant ILC patients

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