ILC overlooked in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer, an overlooked Subtype in Clinical Trials was one of the Poster Presentations at ESMO Breast Cancer Conference in Berlin last week. Lobular Ireland are very proud to be co authors on this piece of work led by Karen Van Baelen as Researcher from the European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium from Leuven.

Conclusion ILC is greatly overlooked in the majority of CT with poor representation, documentation and lack of sub-analyses. Eligibility criteria and definition of treatment response, do not reflect the unique biology and clinical course of ILC. Thus, conclusions about efficacy with regard to ILC cannot be accurately drawn. It is critical yhst these gaps in inclusion and study of ILC are closed. Invasive Lobular Cancer deserves much more attention from both Clinical Investigators and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Lobular Ireland are 100% supportive of these recommendations and proud to Advocate Internationally on behalf of Women with Lobular Breast Cancer. The European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium are a group of committed dedicated Scientists, Oncologists, Pathologists who meet regularly with European Lobular Breast Cancer Advocates and collaborate with their International colleagues to share their insights, in order to better understand and educate about ILC.

The International Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium #ILCSymposium will be held 28th – 30th September in Pittsburgh and this is just one of many items that will be under discussion.

International #ILCSymposium
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