Day 29 #LivingWithLobular

Hi Everyone, I’m Enda – I was diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer in January 2019 right in the middle of the Covid Pandemic.

I had immediate right Mastectomy but was denied reconstruction as at the time it was not considered “ Essential Surgery”.
Since then I have had LDF reconstruction, two surgeries to reduce my left breast. In June 2022 they discovered abnormal cells in the specimen removed so I’ve had my “ Reconstructed” breast removed!!! But they did LDF.

Everyday I wake up and say I’m still here.

I’ve had Sepsis twice, cardiac ablation, all the side effects of Cancer. I’ve spent weeks in hospital and never had a visitor.
But I won’t give up.

If I could give any advice I’d say be kind to yourself.
Some days I climb the mountain, some days I look at it, admire its beauty and get back into bed.💞💞

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