Day 25 #LivingWithLobular

Dear Lobular cancer friends,

I am glad to be able to share my story with you all. My name Michelle Bonner and I live in Co. Donegal. 

I found a sizeable area like two adjacent cyst type lumps on my upper right breast in December 2020, I went to my GP in January and was immediately referred to the breast clinic . I met with a surgeon within one week . He sent me for MRI of breasts and a second tumour was located in my left breast. This tumour turned out to be a ductal cancer.  I was relieved that the lobular  had not travelled from one breast to the other but very shocked and overwhelmed at having two different types of  breast cancer . I am so grateful that an MRI was ordered as I’d be having a second cancer in the other breast, doing it’s own thing, had it not  been discovered. My surgery was cancelled four times due to Covid.

I knew nothing whatsoever about different types of breast cancer and I had never heard of lobular breast cancer. It was through social media searching that Siobhán Freeney got in touch and I found Lobular Ireland, which has been a lifeline to me. I now know information that has become vital to me as a person affected by this particular cancer , it is so so important for us to get the information out there to people in Ireland, to let people know that Breast Density is a factor in missed Lobular Breast cancer

I had a clear mamogram in 2018, and was due to have one in 2020 which I did not get called for.

The information leaflet on Lobular Breast Cancer is very informative and please pass on to relatives and friends for future proofing their families. The more people that are made aware about the importance of breast density on an individual basis the better, that way no one will get dismissed without a proper cross section of tests to ensure they do not have a sneaky case of lobular cancer going on.

It is now recommended Europe that women with dense breast tissue are notified of this fact. This is NOT happening in Ireland and it will cost lives, as women will make assumptions that all is ok after a clear mamogram.  Please continue to lobby for change on this, whatever way possible. Use the Breast Density Request Form as provided by and check for further information on There is also a Facebook page for people who have been diagnosed with Lobular cancer.

Michelle 3 generations ❤

Living with Lobular matters. Research and progress will be key to our daughter’s and their daughter’s future. Let’s not leave Lobular Answers undiscovered and hidden like many of our Lobular Tumours lay undiscovered and hidden for way too long and for way too many women in Ireland.

Right now I’m back at work and cherishing my family and my survival to spend time with them to this very minute. I am ready willing and able to try any new treatments or trials that may become available to keep us alive for longer.  I am very  grateful to you all in this group for the help, suggestions, encouragement and the feeling of belonging you have given me. Thank you 😊                 

Sending my very best wishes and encouragement to everyone, Michelle x

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