Day 18 #LivingWithLobular

My Story – Tracy Bennett

In February of 2020 I had my first 50 years of age mammogram through the National Breast Check. l had been to the Breast Health Unit in 2015 with a pain under my left breast and the mammogram then showed within normal limits.

On the 17th of February I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in the left breast. An mri would show that I had multifocal/multicentric, grade 2 ILC present over a tumour field of  13cm. The largest tumour nodule had a maximum dimension of 25mm.

I headed into surgery on the 30th of March for a mastectomy just as covid hit and the world went into lockdown. Strange times indeed but somewhat comforting for me as I couldn’t have visitors. After surgery it was the red devil chemotherapy AC and the pins and needles Taxol. On my last chemotherapy session got the call for radiotherapy, four weeks at five days per week. I started my journey on the 17th of February and ended my treatment on 10th of October 2020.


As I write this today I am out of treatment 2 years. I was 51 years of age at diagnosis and I am 54 years now. I have learned alot about ILC and knowing that having dense breast’s may not show on a mammogram has thought me to ask the questions.

I have also learned a lot about myself. I have climbed Croke Patrick, walked the last 111KM of the Camino Way in the full knowledge that life’s journey can be unpredictable, yet you can still find tragedy, strength and beauty in everything if you stay present and keep looking up❤

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