Day 17 #LivingWithLobular

Lobular Ireland set themselves a task this October to raise awareness of Invasive Lobular Cancer in Ireland. In doing so they will share Patient Stories and insights as to how Lobular Breast Cancer is different. Most women in our group agree that Lobular is #NotAlwaysALump, almost all agree that it didn’t show up on their Mammograms and that MRI was needed to show the full extent of the Tumour.

We know that much more needs to be done in terms of Research. We’re really fortunate to have so many accomplished ILC Researchers leading the charge on this and now we need our Clinicians to get involved too and help to adopt better Screening for ILC Patients and ILC specific treatment protocols. As part of our #LivingWithLobular Campaign our Lobular Ireland Members will deliver copies of the EBCC Patient information leaflet to all our Centres of Cancer Excellence in Ireland.

This week we have a Lobular Specific Session lined up as part of an Event in The Royal College of Surgeons. On Thursday 20th you are invited to attend The Robert Smith Room in RCSI from 12 – 1 to get familiar with what’s happening around Lobular Breast Cancer Research. We’re incredibly lucky to have Professor Steffi Oesterreich and Professor Adrian Lee from Pittsburgh as Guest Speakers.

Adrian Lee and Steffi Oesterreich

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to engage face to face in Ireland with these world renowned Lobular Researchers and I guarantee it will be an hour well spent.

If you’d like to register just email

It’s true that 5 years ago there was little information out there for ILC Patients but there are now several active Patient Advocacy Groups in The US, Europe and The UK.

Lobular Ireland Breast Cancer Founder and Chairperson, Siobhán Freeney is Patient Advocate with The European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium and is actively involved in raising awareness of ILC Research and ILCPatient needs through on going International collaborative efforts. Lobular Ireland now have a number of incredibly passionate women on board, notably Eileen Hickey who was Diagnosed with primary stage Lobular Breast Cancer in 2006. Together they Advocate for ILC Specific Targeted Treatments and improved imaging for their unique subtype of Breast Disease.

Lobular Ireland also raise awareness of Breast Density and Advocate for routine Notification of Personal Category of Mammographic Breast Density for all women. Their Submission to the NSAC in December 2021 focused on this issue and is now strengthened by The EUSOBI Recommendations March 2022

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