Day 15 #LivingWithLobular

Lorraine is another young woman and a member of our Lobular Ireland Group. Lorraine readily agreed to share a little about her Lobular Breast Cancer story to help educate and enhance an awareness around this unique Subtype of Breast Cancer.

Lorraine with her family after her second round of AC Chemotherapy

On 28th April 2021 aged 37, I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer.  I had gone to the doctor with my daughter a few months before & just asked him to check my breast while I was there because I had some dimpling on one side, he told me he would send me for a Mammogram to be on the safe side but when I called to check he had marked me as an urgent case.  I knew it was cancer, I could feel it.  I had seven different growths in my left breast so I needed chemo first to try to shrink the cancer & then a mastectomy & axillary node clearance.   I then had 15 rounds of radiotherapy which I completed in February 2022.  

Other than the dimpling on my breast I had no symptoms but I had a feeling something was wrong.  Know your body & know what’s normal for you.  If something doesn’t feel right, get it checked.  

Cancer has changed me & my family forever but I am still here.

We’re so grateful to Lorraine and all our Lobular Ireland group as they share their very personal stories throughout October for our #LivingWithLobular Campaign

Approximately 400 women in Ireland are Diagnosed with #ILC Invasive Lobular Cancer – every year. It’s the 2nd most common subtype of Breast Cancer. Lobular Ireland are committed to working with Patients and Researchers Internationally to highlight the importance of developing ILC Specific Targeted Treatments and improved imaging.

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