Living with Lobular Day #13

In February 2020, 3 weeks before the whole world went into COVID lockdown, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Lobular breast cancer. My tumour was not visible on Mammogram and could only be seen on Ultrasound. This was due to Dense Breast tissue which I only later discovered. Until my Diagnosis I was unaware that I had Dense Breasts. I had Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, (Chemotherapy prior to surgery), lumpectomy with Axillary node clearance followed by 20 rounds of Radiotherapy. Because my Breast Cancer was HER2 positive, which is less common among Lobular patients, I then had 14 rounds of a drug called Kadcyla, the purpose of which is to prevent a recurrence. I’m also on daily Tamoxifen. After treatment I discovered I was a carrier of a gene mutation called CHEK2. This increases my risk of several Cancers including Breast Cancer. With this knowledge I am planning to have a risk reducing Mastectomy early next year. While all my treatments have taken a huge toll on my body, I’m determined to do all I can to prevent my Cancer returning and to allow me to watch my children grow into adulthood. 

Carole and her family on a recent trip to Kenya
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