‘Living with Lobular’, Day 10

Hi, my name is Una and I am living with Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer“. This young Mother had a clear mammogram less than two years prior to this diagnosis, Mastitis diagnosed by her GP a few months previous and after a lot of persuasion to get a referral with symptoms that included skin puckering and hard areas in her left breast, received the unwelcome news in May of this year.

Currently in treatment and seen here in a photo kindly shared by Una while waiting to enter the chemo ward “mask pulled down briefly for photo, only because no one was nearby”

Together we are Stronger’

Una has gone through a few setbacks in recent weeks causing delay to her chemotherapy treatment. We wish her well getting back on track as she “just wants to get chemo behind her” as she still has surgery ahead in the new year.

Una reminds us that ‘Information is Vital’ and along with all in our Lobular Ireland Support Group, suggests women should ‘Ask about your Breast Density’

Again, we are reminded with Una’s story that Mammograms alone are not adequate screening for women with Dense Breasts and further screening such as Ultrasound & MRI is needed for this Breast Tissue Type. We are also reminded again that Breast Cancer is not always ‘just a lump’

Being a Mother, is finding & dealing with strengths you didn’t know you had
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