Day 8 #LivingWithLobular

Our #Lobular Breast Cancer Awareness campaign contines into week #2 with the full knowledge that our #European ILC Research Partners have our backs.

Possible Lobular Breast Cancer Metastases

It is only with Lobular Specific Research that Patients with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma can be secure in the knowledge that their Subtype of Breast Disease will be treated as it should be. For too long #Lobular Breast Cancer has been lumped in with Ductal carcinoma, a completely different histological subtype of Breast Cancer. Ductal carcinoma accounts for approx 80% of #Breastcancer while #ILC Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer) accounts for approx 15% of all Breast Cancers.

A Full House in Utrecht for #ILCSYMPOSIUM
#ELBCC Patient Advocate Leaflet

Together with Lobular Breast Cancer Patients and Advocates we are getting the word out that LOBULAR BREAST CANCER IS DIFFERENT, thanks to #LBCUK and #LobularBreastCancerAlliance

Collaboration is key to success


#LivingWithLobular Patient Advocates at #ILCSYMPOSIUM
Lobular Ireland leads the way in Europe and is engaged in International ILC Research Advocacy and Patient Engagement
#LivingWithLobular Ireland 2020

Our Lobular Ireland Group are totally committed to providing Awareness and Education about Lobular Breast Cancer. Our Campaign will reach out to all corners of Ireland. Please help us to connect with those who can help us to spread the word.

#Breastcancer is #NotAlwaysALump

Lobular Breast Cancer is not the same as Ductal and #ILC treatment protocols may vary accordingly.

#NotAlwaysALump Lobular Breast Cancer is Different
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