Day 7 #LivingWithLobular

Who we are and why we’re here

Lobular Ireland was born in 2019. It was established out of a recognised need to create a space for ILC Patients, (especially those diagnosed in Ireland) to be able to access evidence based information, specific to Lobular breast cancer and to enhance a greater understanding of this lesser talked about Breast Cancer disease subtype.

Early on we met with Researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons and University College Dublin, we’ve had wonderful support from them as we continue to grow our Lobular Advocacy. Recently we’ve seen a growth within our Patient Membership but we’re not nearly yet reaching the 400 women that are Diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Cancer, every year in Ireland. We’ve lots more to do.

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Founder and Chair of Lobular Ireland is Siobhán Freeney. She has been the driving force behind Lobular Ireland Patient Advocacy and has established excellent relationships with International ILC Researchers and Breast Cancer Advocates through her collaborative efforts.

Siobhán is the Irish Patient Advocate with the European Lobular Breast Consortium and one of a core group of European Patient Advocates who work closely with the ELBCC communications team. Key input from this core group of ILC patients in collaboration with ELBCC Lobular Research and Clinical experts resulted in the publication of the ELBCC Lobular Patient Education Leaflet.

This Leaflet is now available to Download in 15 European Languages with more translations on the way from the
The library of Languages is being up dated on a continual basis

Lobular Ireland continue to work with Patient Advocates and Researchers from around Europe. At the recent #ILCSymposium in Utrecht it was truly exciting to see the enormous level of ILC Specific Research now happening across Europe and on on a Global scale.


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