‘Living with Lobular’, Day 6

When CAROLINE KEANE celebrated her 60th birthday last November she was full of the joys of reaching this milestone in her life and being surrounded by her loving family. Caroline has kindly shared this beautiful photo of that happy evening, seen in paisley skirt with her husband Jim, young daughter Lisa and two sons Lucas & Simon with their wives Edel & Jen.

Two months later that happiness was marred when Caroline received the diagnose that her breast cancer had metastasized around her stomach and omentum.

Having lived with lobular breast cancer, choosing to have a bilateral mastectomy ‘to try to improve my chances‘, Caroline is now living with Metastatic Lobular Breast Cancer. It is Caroline’s belief that her primary diagnosis in 2014 was delayed due to her having dense breasts. ‘Dense breasts are known to mask tumours’

Caroline also feels ‘that you have to be your own best advocate, looking into new drugs and being aware of what’s out there. Having watched a CCRT presentation recently, organised by Professor John Crown she discovered that there are a lot of new drugs out there but just not available in Ireland. Caroline foresees this as an Advocacy Campaign to visit in the future.

” Family is the support you will never have to pay for, they will be there to cheer you on with every of your life goals “
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