‘Living with Lobular’ Day 2

Living with Lobular Breast Cancer and enjoying life with the Nore Dragon Paddlers is CARON TIERNEY

pictured here at the ‘Blessing of her Boat’ and showing us there is life after cancer.

Caron hails her boat for getting her back on her feet after treatment, where she can ‘just get in the water and breath’. Moving on for Caron is planning her next paddle and now her oars are aiming for the world event in New Zealand next year.  

Once spending hours sitting in hospitals she is now happy to ‘sit in her boat forever’, where she says she is ‘too busy now planning her next paddle to let worry without genuine reason fill her head’. 

Well Done to Caron on her recent participation in the 200k paddle in Loire, France and wish her well for all future paddling endeavours

Don’t ask me why I paddle, ask yourself why you Don’t !

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