Preparations are going on around Ireland ahead of this years Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Campaigns & Fundraisers galore, including : ‘Great Pink Run’, ‘Care for your Pair’, ‘Big Pink Breakfast’, ‘More than a Lump’, ‘Breast Cancer Isn’t Just Pink’ and many more. Events that not just bring people together but information, guidance & support to all the women, men & their families, affected by breast cancer. A time to reach out to a community sharing in your breast cancer journey

” Living with Lobular “

This year Lobular Ireland will reflect on women living with Lobular Breast Cancer in Ireland during the 31days of October 2022 and will share the events of their individual journeys during this breast cancer awareness month. Watch this space in ‘Living with Lobular’ and on social media platforms for updates throughout October.

October Leaflet Campaign

From the four corners of Ireland and the midlands, our Lobular Breast Cancer Support Group Ladies will make leaflet drops by hand to all the Cancer Centres of Excellence & Cancer Support Centres in Ireland. ‘What is Lobular Breast Cancer’, the leaflet very kindly made available to us by the European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium{ELBCC), will share an overview of the basic information and key concepts of this cancer type.  Most people are not aware that there is more than one breast cancer type, subtypes nor many different treatments. Often said to be the ‘good’ cancer type to get but because it does not always present as ‘a lump’ it is often at advanced stage when detected and for those with dense breasts, their tumours don’t always show on mammographic imagery alone.

*Three keys to abundant living : caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others

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