The Lobmob Effect

Leigh Pate founded The LBCA – Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance along with Professor Steffi Oesterrich, Lori Petitti, Diane Mapes


It’s a real success story for Lobular Breast Cancer and an extraordinary example of what a group of ordinary women achieved through collaborative efforts with ILC Researchers and a real, shared, passionate desire for change.
Thank you to each and everyone of you for sharing your vision and for the hours of unpaid Advocacy work it took, over many years to make this Organisation what it is today

The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance

There are still no definitive Standardised Guidelines for surveillance imaging and monitoring of #ILC across Europe

Some Clinicians treat ILC the same as Ductal but thanks to Research we know for certain Lobular Breast Cancer is not the same. We need our Doctors to recognise ILC as a unique histological subtype and treat it appropriately and efficiently

When we learn more as patients, we are in a great position to help make change and advocate for each other

In June 2022 The European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium will host The International ILC Symposium in Utrecht June 20th – 22nd

This event will bring International ILC Scientists, Researchers, Clinicians and Patient Advocates together. It will provide us with an opportunity to focus on Lobular Breast Cancer in a European  context

Perhaps you are interested in Lobular Patient Advocacy in your own country.
Maybe you would like to meet some of the European Patient Advocates currently working to raise awareness of ILC across Europe

We’ll be there, let us know if you’d like to meet us there too Siobhán Freeney

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