Lobular Translation across Europe

When I was Diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer, 6 years ago there was NO Lobular Specific information available to patients.

That is now changed, Lobular Ireland and I are so proud to be a very small part in making this change.

Not all #BreastCancer is the same, it’s so important to know this. Signs and Symptoms can be different. Lobular Breast Cancer is well recognised as a distinct Subtype of
Breast Cancer, with different histological features and specific biological growth pattern.


Clinicians and Patient Advocates from
The European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium have worked to ensure that there is now good basic, Clinically appropriate, Medically approved, information available to Patients in many European Languages.

The European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium http://www.elbcc.org has published a Patient Leaflet Specifically for #LobularBreastCancer

The Leaflet is now already available in Spanish, German, Dutch, English, Polish, Italian, (with more Languages to come)


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